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Thai Hom Mali Rice 5kg

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Thailand's first brand of jasmine rice Shannalan online eBest! The top varieties of fragrant rice, the most authentic flavor of fragrant rice, so delicious that even white rice can not stop. Not all Thai fragrant rice is called Shannaram! In Thai, it means "Shannaran", stick to the original heart, demanding quality, only for you to restore a bowl of rice fragrance, to impress your taste buds with the delicious food from Thailand, so that you can have a feast. * Vacuum packaging will leak for some reason, which is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the quality and taste of rice. A man who cares is careful. About rice leakage: We can not control every link in the rice transportation process, some sealed packaging may slowly leak in the turbulence, but the rice leakage and slight damage will not affect the use of the product, does not belong to the quality problem, do not mind, please know