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Bok Choy Soil-Grown Each

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It takes less than 24 hours from the farm to the table! ! ! ! ! ! The main one is picked on the same day and eaten on the same day! ! ! ! The main one is fresh~~~~~ [Traditional soil cultivation] Shanghai white, although small in size, really grows from the land, absorbs the nutrients of the land, and has a sweeter taste, which is in line with the Chinese diet concept, and the taste is quite fresh. The stems are white like gourds, the leaves are oval, the fibers are fine and the taste is good, and you can taste the sweetness of the rapeseed itself in the entrance, and it is delicious after stir-frying! You can also make a reduced-fat version of oyster sauce and rapeseed, or you can fry it with shrimp, and you can get a plate of fresh rapeseed in 5 minutes!