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Wu Gu Dao Chang Sour Bamboo Fat & Beef Flavour Instant Noodles 118g*5

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Fat beef noodles with sour bamboo shoots, delicious but not too hot, large pieces of sour bamboo shoots, sour, crispy and refreshing, preferably beef bones and simmered for 2 hours, rich soup, fresh and mellow beef bone soup, sweet and sour with tomato sauce, more delicious, steamed Making noodle cakes, preserving grain nutrition, the preservation rate of B vitamins is increased by 60% compared with frying, not greasy, no fat burden, noodle cakes are naturally dried, the oil content is less than 10%, the taste is glutinous, long-term cooking will not rot, first After steaming and drying, the taste and texture of the fresh noodles are sealed, and the nutrition is satisfied.