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DairyFarmers Full Cream Fresh Milk, 150ml

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DairyFarmers Full Cream Fresh Milk is a high-quality dairy product known for its rich and creamy taste and contains 100% Aussie milk. Each package contains 150ml of fresh milk. This full cream milk is made from the finest quality cow's milk, sourced from trusted dairy farmers. It undergoes a pasteurization process to ensure safety and maintain its freshness. With its full cream content, this milk offers a smooth and velvety texture, making it a delightful choice for enjoying on its own or incorporating into various recipes and beverages. DairyFarmers is committed to delivering fresh and nutritious dairy products, and their full cream fresh milk is no exception. It is a great source of essential nutrients like calcium and protein, which are important for maintaining a healthy diet.. •Rich in calcium •Natural source of protein •No artificial additives or preservatives Enjoy as part of a healthy and balanced diet Product of Australia