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Teway Hao Ren Jia Steamed Pork Seasoning Five Spice Flavour 150g

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Hao Renjia steamed pork is delicious, the meat is mixed with the aroma of soybeans, and the soybean flour absorbs the overflowing oil, so it is fragrant but not greasy, and it is very popular among people. Hao Renjia Steamed Pork Practice: The gluttonous pork belly is matched with Hao Renjia steamed pork seasoning, mixed and steamed. It only takes two simple steps to get the delicious food. Waxy and fragrant, crisp and refreshing, fat but not greasy, tender but not mushy. Hao Renjia Steamed Pork Seasoning Usage: 1. Slice about 400g of pork belly, and cut sweet potatoes or potatoes into cubes. 2. Put the pork belly in the plate, add the steamed pork seasoning package of Hao Renjia, 60g of salad oil, 10g of dark soy sauce and mix well, then add 80g of water and this powder package and mix well. 3. Put the sweet potatoes in the bowl neatly, put them in the steamer or steamer, and steam with high heat until the meat and sweet potatoes are cooked and ready to eat.