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Frozen Steamed Pork & Seaweed Bun 4pc

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Ingredients: flour, water, seaweed, pork, salt, chicken essence, light soy sauce, yeast, baking powder. Each meat bun is carefully handmade, retaining the deliciousness of seaweed and the mellow flavor of pork, as well as the moderate softness of the steamed bun. Meat buns do not contain any additives or preservatives and are a healthy and delicious food. Seaweed meat buns are milky white in appearance and exude the unique aroma of seaweed. Take a light bite and you'll find the skin is white and tender, the pork inside is tender and juicy, and the seaweed has a rich taste, leaving you with endless aftertaste. You can taste the deliciousness of seaweed and the mellow flavor of pork in every bite, which makes you want to stop eating. Meat buns can be eaten with various dishes or soups, and can also be used as a staple food for breakfast, lunch or dinner, making them a very practical food.